Retail Trade Area

Dayton Community Development Corporation has recently completed a Trade Area and Marketing study conducted by DDS Marketing, Derrigo Demographic Studies. The study provides a great understanding of Dayton’s retail trade area that proves to housing developers, retail developers, and commercial businesses on why they need to locate in Dayton.

The study consists of:
  • Aerial Illustrations via census tract
  • Proposed General Plan Map
  • Residential Activity
  • Retail Competition
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Trade Area Boundaries

Retail Trade Area

The Community Retail Trade Area for Dayton has been determined to be approximately 86,918 persons and Dayton Primary Trade area of 42,908. The community trade area boundaries are based upon a 5 to 20 minute drive time whereas the Dayton Primary Trade area is based upon a 5 to 12 minute drive time. The exterior boundaries of the trade area were determined by personally driving the area road systems, cataloging area retailers and restaurants, interviews with community and governmental leadership and interviews with retailers in Dayton and surrounding communities outside of Liberty County.

Demographic Profiling of the Retail Trade Area

The DDS demographic profiles for Dayton, Texas shows that 8,000 live within the city limits and its Retail Trade Area and determined that approximately 86,918 residents live within the trade area.
Trade Area Demographic Characteristics
Dayton Primary Trade area
Community Retail Tenant Trade Area
January 2019 Updated Population42,90886,918
January 2021 Projected Population45,80591,211
January 2023 Projected Population50,90297,978
January 2025 Projected Population58,711107,149
Average Persons Per Household (2019)2.912.89
Median Household Income (2019)$59,201$63,188
Average Household Income (2019)$70,282$74,523
Median Value of Housing (2019)$164,367$158,074